Brassclub Drinks


Among our creations, you will not only find cocktails, but also a selection of our own exclusive drinks, such as Sa Roqueta gin, our craft beer aBrass cadaBrass or Luis Adolfo y Lorenzo’s red vermouth. Ready to delight your palate?

Sa Roqueta Gin

The Brassclub gin! Designed by and for the island, to thank it for everything it has given us over the last 10 years. Both personally and professionally.

A gin made with our friends from Cabraboc Gin, simple, with a dry cut and very fresh citrus touches, inspired by the flavours and aromas from here.


Vermouth de Luis Adolfo y Lorenzo

From the endless bar chats of Luis Adolfo, a vermouth and wine lover, and Lorenzo, a cocktail fanatic, comes this delicious and balanced vermouth, ideal to drink in endless bar chats.

Introducing Luis Adolfo y Lorenzo’s Red Vermouth. A tribute to Rafa Martín’s family, made with Malvasia grapes from Mortitx (Pollença, Mallorca), and created by the drinking minds of Brassclub, La Vermutera and Monvinus.


A Brass cada Brass

Brassclub’s beer, brewed in collaboration with Beer Lovers Mallorca and inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. A magical beer perfect for any time of the day.