11 April 2019

A different event in Distinto Concept Store

At the beginning of April we had the pleasure of being invited to participate in the staging of the new showroom of the Distinto Concept Store. An act where it was announced their new collaboration with the Italian brand Logical Space Design, becoming its official distributor in the Balearic Islands.

Distinto Concept Store y Brassclub

The event, titled with the motto ‘Bloom’ and always under a very springlike atmosphere, served to present the exhibition of the space from the creative gaze of the artist DeBlanc. Meanwhile, those invited to the event were able to taste a wide variety of Brassclub signature cocktails, our trade mark, while they savored high pastry sweets by Lluis Pérez. Among the attendees there were prestigious professionals of architecture and interior design in Mallorca, alongside journalists and other representatives of the local society, as Helen Cummins collects on its website.

From here, and in the name of Rafa Martín and the entire team, we would like to thank Francesca Brancaccio for having entrusted us with the cocktails for the premiere of the new season of Distinto.

We profit this opportunity to remind you that in addition to all the activities we organize in our establishment, Brassclub loves to put that special touch (“to be the olive in your Martini”) in all kinds of external events, private celebrations, presentations, weddings … That allows us to continue growing in the continuous improvement of our product.

So if your social event just lacks that elegant, original but above all, quality touch, a Brassclub cocktail can be the “icing on the cake”, and the Brassclub team is at your disposal! Because the care of every detail is our hallmark, and we are passionate that it is also present in your most special events.