The world of cocktails is our weakness and the reason why Brassclub exists. Our enthusiasm for good cocktails and zeal for attention to detail in preparing each recipe are what motivates us to pass on this sensitivity to everyone who visits us and give each detail the value it deserves.

Due to our curious and innovative nature, on our menu you’ll find original cocktails such as Mango & Curry Thai, ‘El Chilerito’ or Volcano Island, created and served only at Brassclub. For lovers of classical cocktails, we always offer the option to prepare any type of more traditional cocktail, from a Caipirinha to a Margarita. If you don’t know what to choose from our wide variety of flavours, don’t fear: we have a team of expert cocktail makers who will be able to advise you based on your tastes and the context of your visit, ensuring that the drink you choose is perfect for you.

The appearance of each of our creations, whether original or classic, is designed so that its presentation is inimitable and goes perfectly with the subtleties of the cocktail. At Brassclub, no two glasses are the same, just like there are no two cocktails with the same taste.

La MULA Chingona
Curado Tequila, lime, orange clamato, agave and Ginger Beer
Gin Mare, green apple, rosemary, plum liqueyr and cava
Tepache de piña, especias chai, tomillo y sorbete de lima
Pineapple Tepache with chai spices, thume and lemon sorbet
Pisco a la Genovesa
Barsol Pisco infused with black olives, rocket, Carpano dry and orgeat
La Jícara de las guerreras
Aldea "Rum Agricole", agave & curri honey, lime, mango and ginger
Roasted Jalisco Negroni
Blue Agave Cruda Tequila, Campari infused in roasted coffe and Antica Formula
Garibaldi de Pomelo, naranja y canela
Grapefruit and orange Garibaldi with cinnamon
Maker's Mark Bourbon, Terry 1900 Brandy, peppermint, cherry liqueyr and honey with nuts
BBQ Night in Memphis
Maker's Mark Bourbon infused with bacon, mezcal, salti maple syrup and bitter made from "Palo liqueur" from Mallorca
Dulce Murmullo
Hibiki Harmony Whisky infused in shiitake, PX, maple syrup and chipotle chocolate bitter
Granny Apple Sour
Maker's Mark bourbon, lime, orgeat and granny Smith Apple
Mai Tai Egg
Mixture of rums, falernum, Ancho Reyes liqueur lime and orgeat
Hulk Daiquiri
Brugal white Rum supreme, fresh basil, thyme, lime and Appel syrup
Piña colada de arroz
Capucana cachaça, pineappel, rice horchata, mango, coconut and sweet chilly
Pink Gin Fizz
Gin, lemon, pinck peach, ginger and Isabel Regina Liquor
Gimlet de Tomillo
gin, cardamon, thym and ginger cordial and Supasawa liqueur
From Singapore to France; The Sling
June Gin Liqueur, lime, DOM Benedictine, pineapple and cherry
X-NO Martini
Vanilla Vodka, pineapple, mango & passion fruit and peanuts
Cosmopolitan de Frambuesas
Vodka, raspberries, peppermint, lemoin&lime and bergamot
Mezcal, Montenegro Bitter liqueur and Antica Formula and Angostura
Margarita de tamarindo
Curado Tequila, lime, tamarind, spices and clamato

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